Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Mountain Tubing 2011

Well, there's only one weekend left for our new Summer Mountain Tubing. We'll be open for Labor Day weekend, and then it's on to the WINTER!!! It was a blast! If you didn't get to see any of it. Here's a video link to check it out on youtube.
This year, we've decided to get a different perspective on the autumn leaves of the aspens...we'll be opening the Platinum Chairlift Ride during Aspencade weekend. There will be some great views, guaranteed, as well as hors d'oeuvres, beer and wine at the Tip Restaurant. Come enjoy the last days of summer with us. Or, just tell us about your trip whenever you're here!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February - Time for SNOW!

We have had a tremendous season so far thanks to our wonderful professional snowmaking and grooming crews (among others, of course). And now, to see these beautiful winter snow storms making their way to northern New Mexico, we are in great shape! 6 more trails will open up tomorrow along with our Silver Chair which will get us only a couple of runs shy of 100%!!! Come visit.

by Curtis, a guest of RRSA

Just a note to say “Thanks!” for all you folks do at RRSA to make skiing there so much fun!

For a several years, our family has been talking about backing off on Christmas gifts and instead taking the whole bunch to ski. This year we did it! And Red River was the place! (I’ve ridden motorcycles with buddies up there in the late summer/early fall—ridden the Enchanted Circle—and was really interested in skiing up there!)

So the twelve in my wife’s & my bunch (all the way from Grandma to our four sons & beautiful daughters-in-law to the two sweet 4 & 2-year-old granddaughters) staked our claim at Claim Jumper #8 last Thursday evening, skied Friday & Saturday, and came home yesterday. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend and one we all want to make an annual event.
RRSA was perfect for us! The four-year-old strapped on some skis for the first time and got a little intro. And both girls loved the tubing! My sons and I (and one daughter-in-law and one daughter-in-law-to-be) had a ton of fun skiing. (Even though you guys haven’t had as much snow as you’d like, your snow-making capability and the way you groom the slopes is really impressive. If this was kind of on the low end for y’all snow-wise, I can’t imagine how good really good must be!)

There’s nothing more beautiful than the mountains, and not much anything more fun than skiing. Add to that the fact that a ski lift is a great place to sit down and have a really fun talk with your kids as you head up the mountain, that nothing bonds a family more and makes them remember how much the like each other, and . . . hey, what’s not to love!?

The only thing now is that I’m missing my kids and pining for the snow! Almost shed tears looking at your live web cam this morning! Ah, well, good Lord willing, we’ll be back!


Monday, July 6, 2009

by Duane, a guest of RRSA

I have skied several mountains including Taos 3 times. This was my daughter's ' Isabella' 1st trip. The first day night we arrived and seen the town, I knew that we made the right decision. The Blue chair statement of ' the lowest, slowest un-scariest in the Rockies is correct. Isabella was 7 at the time and in on the second day we rode the red chair to the top and had 2 wonderful days of skiing on the back side. Don't be mistaken the front has some aggressive terrain, but I would recommend Red River to any family that is looking for a Snow vacation. There is much more than skiing. The town is wonderful and the wildlife is abundant. Thanks for the experience.

Friday, June 5, 2009

After about 30 years of service to the top of the mountain, the Red Chair is being retired. The Red River Ski Area is proud to announce the replacement of the Red Chair this summer. The contract was signed Wednesday between Red River Ski Area and Doppelmayr CTEC on a new “fixed-grip” triple chairlift. Doppelmayr CTEC is set to manufacture this chairlift especially for our mountain after studying the profile and measurements over the past several months. This April, began the chair removal and getting further underway. Installation is set to be complete in November for our ’09-’10 winter season. For more information and updates, go to, or join us on Facebook and add us as a friend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacation Guide

After 3 long months, our new vacation guide is available online, and should be in the racks in about 2 weeks. Thanks for all of your patience if you've been waiting for the new mailer. We'll get 'em out as soon as we get them! If you haven't requested one by mail, go to either or can download it on either one in PDF form.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Upcoming Red River Event

This week's weather is turning out really nice compared to last weekend. The bikers didn't seem to mind the rain too much. We all had a great time. First weekend in June is the Classic Car Show and Carnival. Hope all you gearheads and fans of the classics come out and join us at Brandenburg Park. for more info.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer '09 plans

Okay all, 1st post for the summer! Since we are in the process of replacing the Red Chair, we will open the Copper Chairlift on June 12th for the weekends and June 26th daily. Take a beautiful scenic ride up the Red River Ski Area for hiking, biking, get a bite to eat at the Tip Restaurant, or just be in the mountains with your family. See you up there!